Taking Back the Month


Taking Back the Month book cover
Whether you have just started your periods or are just ending them, this book is for you! Here are some of the unique features of this book:

  • It provides a science-based, comprehensive approach to managing PMS and premenstrual symptoms.

  • It is written for all menstruating women--from the first to the last period.

  • Women will discover how to pinpoint the symptoms that are most distressing for them.

  • Women will learn how to ease their symptoms by taking a multidimensional approach, incorporating

    • dietary changes,
    • vitamin and nutritional supplements,
    • a breathing and exercise regimen,
    • strategies focused on reducing stress from the "inside" and the "outside",
    • techniques for mind-body relaxation and time and relationship management,
    • and other tactics to find the treatment that suits them best.

We walk readers through a step-by-step process of modifying their lives and
discovering what works for them. They'll be able to personalize the approach
by the end of the book.

The potential payoff is enormous--freedom from the tyranny of hormonal
fluctuations and a way to feel good all month long.

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